1. Start up Adobe Premiere 6.5. (There are MANY other video editors out there - Premiere Elements, Final Cut Pro, Windows MovieMaker, Apple iMovie)

2. At the opening screen, simply say OKAY. The opening screen lists dozens of possible VIDEO OUTPUT FORMATS, only some of which are suitable for display on North American monitors.

3. Clean up your Workspace
  • Use WINDOW - WORKSPACE - A/B EDITING. There are three key areas in the Premiere workspace - I use the analogy that you are "cooking" an AVI movie.
  • The ingredients are stored in the "BINS", they are your audio and video ASSETS
  • You're inventing the recipe in the TIMELINE that mixes the "ingredients" together at different times.
  • You can add "Spice" to the recipe with TRANSITIONS - but don't do it randomly or excessively

4. Import ASSETS into your bins.
  • Right mouse click in the BINS folder and IMPORT FILE. You'll find a library of audio and video files in the HANDOUTS | MAY MEDIA folders.
  • Notice that AVI videos, WAV sounds and JPG images can all be mixed together in your premiere movie.

5. Drag an AVI clip from the ASSET BIN to to the VIDEO 1A track.
  • VIDEO1A is your MAIN video track - Always start here.
  • Be sure your clip is flush to the left of the timeline
  • If your video has Audio, it will appear in the "Audio1" track.

6. Drag one or two other video clips, and arrange them in the timeline to "tell the story"

7. SAVE YOUR WORK! Use File - SAVE and save the PPJ (Premiere Project) file to your server space. Note - this is a VERY small but crucial file, and should be saved and backed up often!

8. NEXT: Try RENDERING your movie