Pumpkin Carving

This is an advanced modelling exercise, but it can introduce students to more powerful modelling tools!
Use the notes and illustrations below, and see how you do!

Suggested Step by Step
1. Create and mold a primitive
  • Create a sphere with 24 vertical segments
  • Convert it to Mesh
  • Select every third "segment" (drag select from the top view works well)
  • Create "ribs" - by using the "Rotate Faces" tool and dragging slightly
. Carve the Pumpkin Shell
  • Enter POINT EDIT mode
  • Turn OFF the BACK button!
    • Failing to do so will result in slicing up the BACK of your pumpkin, as well as the face!
  • Use the "Cut Faces" tool and try to drag between pre-existing points.
  • Select and delete the faces you want to remove
  • Select and delete any unnecessary edges or points

2.1 Lift the Lid
  • You can "detach" the lid by going back to OBJECT EDIT mode and copying your entire pumpkin.
  • HIDE the pumpkin and PASTE a copy back in it's place
  • In POINT EDIT mode, select the LOWER points and delete them to leave only the lid,
  • Return to OBJECT EDIT mode and move the lid up a but
  • UnHide the big pumpkin, and hide the lid
  • Return to POINT EDIT mode and this time delete just the lid points.
  • Return to OBJECT EDIT mode and UnHide the lid
  • If you chose your points carefully, you can get two pieces that "fit" together

3. Expand the shell
  • In POINT EDIT mode, Use the "Shell Tool"
  • Click and Drag on your pumpkin's face, and it should "grow a shell"
  • Do the same for the lid
4. Apply a Texture Material
  • RIGHT MOUSECLICK this link and use "Save Link As" to Download this Pumpkin Skin Texture file
  • Open up the Materials panel and make a new "Pumpkin Skin" material
  • Click the TEXTURES option
  • Under AMBIENT, click the button with three dots to CHOOSE an appropriate texture file
  • In the "Texture Selector", click LOAD TEXTURE and load up the image of the pumpkin skin
  • Click OK and apply the texture to the Ambient, Diffuse and Bumpmap settings. Adjust BUMPMAP from 30% to 80%
  • Click OK and return to the main editor

View the results:
You SHOULD see texture applied to the object, but sometimes hardware glitches prevent it from showing up. If that's the case, you can try either or both of the following:
  • Select the Pumpklin and Click the UV button to adjust the application of the texture
  • Use VIEW - PREFERENCES and turn off "Use Shaders"

5. Add a Candle
  • Model a simple candlestick and flame, and add it to the interior of the pumpkin

6. Create a Scene
  • Add a background
  • Include the Pumpkin, Candle, a Spotlight and Local Light
  • Name all objects appropriately
  • Make the Local light a "child" of the candle object
  • Turn on shadows

SAVE the image and add it to your portfolio!

Skills & Techniques
  • Textures
  • Texture UV
  • Bumpmaps
  • Cut Faces Tool
    • Turn off BACK before starting
  • "Add Edge" Tool
  • Fill Holes
  • Timeline
  • Parent/Child Objects