Alternate Assignment - Featurette

Please see me before starting this assignment. Assignments without prior approval will NOT be accepted. No exceptions.

The objective is to create a short (3-5 minute) video feature on the topic "Convergence in the Media". The featurette should include:
  • Original video footage collected by the student
  • Titles and effective typography
  • An interview
  • B-Roll footage to support content from the interview
  • Effective audio

  1. Consider the objective, target audience and client for your production.
  2. Create a preproduction document and include it with your submission. Spend an initial period planning your production defining the elements listed above.
  3. Do some research; educate yourself first
    1. using headphones, check out Vimeo or other amateur productions to "deconstruct" what works well. Be sure to stay away from inappropriate or irrelevant productions.
  4. Export your finished movie in MPEG1 format, 640 x 480, 29.97 FPS and submit to the hand-in folder under "Late Projects"