LIP SYNCHING - Activating Morphs

Level 4: Exemplary
Level 3: Competent
Level 2: Fair
Level 1: Poor
The model is exceptionally well designed
The model accurately includes all prescribed features
The model is a simplified version of the original assignment
The model is an inaccurate attempt at creating the assigned assignment
Morphs are particularly well done and believable
Morphs competently represent the desired expressions
Morphs somewhat resemble the desired expressions
Morphs are poorly representative, or appear incomplete
Voice-over Audio
Audio sounds professionally recorded with no unintentional distortion, and with dialogue that exceeds the class standard
Voice over audio is clearly recorded and complete
Audio quality is fair
Audio Quality is poor
Lip synch matches audio perfectly, and appropriate subtle animation convincingly adds to the believability of the character
Lip Synch generally matches the audio
Lip Synch doesn't exactly match the audio, but is fairly believable
Lip Synch is incomplete or appears random and uncontrolled