(Create a FOLDER of bookmarks for the various YouTube services as shown here)

Creating a Channel

YOUTUBE is available as a resource in our classroom - both to CONSUME as well as to PRODUCE videos!
Creating a school YouTube account is a unique opportunity for us - and a privilege! Participating requires that you respect and adhere the following:
  • Your account is a temporary SCHOOL resource - after you graduate, it will go away along with the content it holds
  • School resources are NOT allowed to be used for monetary gain - Google Adsense can NOT be activated for the purpose of personal profit.
  • Content MUST be appropriate and adhere to the principles of the Acceptable Usage Policy
  • Media that is Copyrighted must NOT be used in your projects
  • Video published should be set to PRIVATE or UNLISTED to maintain student privacy policies

  • Go to the MORE Google menu
  • SIGN IN if need be
  • Click NEXT at the SUBSCRIPTIONS page (ignore this - you can subscribe later)
  • TOGGLE OFF ALL channels before you hit NEXT (it will save work unsubscribing later)

  • Click your username at the top left of the screen
  • Confirm your name
  • Choose an ACCEPTABLE Channel name - keep in mind that this is a TEMPORARY account that will be deleted once you graduate

  • Anything you upload to YouTube grants them a license to use and monetize that work in perpetuity. Be careful NOT to upload something that you need to retain exclusive ownership to. VIMEO seems to have better protection artist protection regarding ownership. It's worth looking into