The objective of the summative is to give each student the opportunity to demonstrate ALL the skills acquired during the course of the semester. Think of it as a product-driven "final exam" that reviews all aspects of the course, but is open book, and lasts about four weeks instead of a couple of hours.
  • This project should DEMONSTRATE the appropriate range and depth of the SKILLS you've acquired from the course
  • This project should attempt to serve the purpose of delivering MEANINGFUL CONTENT using an EFFECTIVE FORMAT
  • This project MUST be FEASIBLE and completed given the time constraints and limited resources of the lab

Consider the skills that the course has focused on:
  • Pre-Production
    • Planning meaningful CONTENT - developing IDEAS worth communicating
  • Production
    • BLT & F -
    • Background, Lighting Tripod Use, Framing
    • Camera Motion - Pan, Tilt, Dolly, Slider
    • Audio Collection - Microphone use and Proximity
    • Typography
  • Post Production
    • Digital Framing
    • Editing for Pacing and Quality
    • (L-Cut and J-Cut)
    • Keyframing and motion
    • Audio
      • De-Noising
      • Music & Sound Effects
  • Production Formats
    • Whitescreen
    • Teleprompter
    • Tutorial
    • Journalism

  • Your summative should be based around one of the following three choices
    • A) A CONTEST
      • Create (and enter) your video for an appropriate and viable Video Contest
        Feature a class, club or organization at John McCrae ie Design Technology / Communication Technology / Computer Technology (Programming); The Red Poppy Gallery; Another department or class
        Survey students on current issues in technology, analyze the results and present themes, trends or insights: ie
        "Student opinions on Texting and Driving"; "The Problems of Social Networking"; "Privacy and Life on the Internet"
    • C) Co-Summative with another course
  • Additionally - your FINAL PORTFOLIO will be evaluated as a part of your summative mark

  1. Establish a SUMMATIVE Page on your PORTFOLIO - Use this as a "scratch pad" for your ideas and planning
  2. RESEARCH your possible topics or genres of video production:
    1. List THREE initial ideas or concepts that you'd like to pursue for this summative project
    2. Post YouTube links to videos that you think would be EXEMPLIFY the kind of work you hope to emulate
    3. Include anecdotes identifying the aspects you think should be emulated, and/or the things that you can improve

Level 4: Exemplary
Level 3: Competent
Level 2: Fair
Level 1: Poor
1. Pre-Production
  • The piece shows evidence of extensive preparation of the content.
  • The relevance and value of the topic chosen is readily apparent;
  • The script is extremely well developed and the information is valid and appropriate
  • The piece appears to have been properly prepared, and the content is reasonable and valid
  • The piece could have been better prepared at the pre-production stage
  • Further editing would have yielded a stronger project
  • The piece appears to have used little to no preproduction
  • Dialogue or content appears to have been made up on the fly
2. Visual
  • The Visual Quality of each of your Shots is EXCELLENT!
  • Principles of Background, Lighting, Tripod, Framing and Composition are clearly evident and VERY intelligently employed in each shot
  • Focus is controlled in every shot
  • The Visual Quality of your Shots appears generally well planned and effective
  • Shots are passable, but would benefit from better understanding of BLT&F and compostition
  • Shots show little skill or planning
3. Audio
  • Use and control of Audio is EXCELLENT - clear, balanced and noise-free!
  • Dialogue such as Voiceovers and Interviews are balanced perfectly with music levels that adjust appropriately
  • Royalty-free background music is used appropriately and enhances (rather than competes with) the rest of the production
  • Audio is generally clear and helps to tell the story
  • Music enhances the project
  • Audio quality is fair, but betrays weaknesses in production and post-production techniques
  • Some parts are hard to hear
  • Audio Quality is poor or non-existent
  • Much of the audio is difficult to listen to
Post Production
The editing of the production is EXCELLENT, showing superior judgement and skill with regard to:
  • Duration, timing and placement of video and audio clips
  • Transitions and effects
  • Control of keys and text
  • Use of B-Roll to SHOW what's being presented
  • Typography and Design Principles
The editing of production is good, resulting in a story that is paced well, and easy to follow
The editing of production is fair, but could be "tightened" or cleaned up to appear much more professional

Flaws exist that should have been corrected in post-production
The editing of production appears weak, and shows few of the elements and techniques presented in the course
5. Overall Effectiveness
  • The "message" you're communicating is VERY well considered, creatively delivered, and genuinely convincing
  • Content presented introduces and illustrates new learning that will benefit this class in the future.
  • The file has been rendered in the OPTIMAL format, and delivered to all the appropriate locations
  • The "message" you're communicating is valid, and clearly communicated
  • The file format is appropriate
  • The "message" is relevant, but of negligible value, and may not be clear to some viewers
  • The file format may be compromised
  • The content appears poorly considered, or may be incomplete
  • The file format impairs the delivery of the product
  • The final product is well presented with anecdotes that are particularly INSIGHTFUL and USEFUL to both the viewer as well as the author.
  • The anecdotes clearly demonstrate the learning that took place as a result of the process, and share that with the viewer
  • The anecdotes will clearly help in the PLANNING of future productions
  • The final product presents complete anecdotes relevant to the production
  • The final product has attempted to include some anecdotes relevant to the production
  • The final product presents few anecdotes relevant to the production

  • Use and design of text and titles is EXCELLENT
  • PARC Design Principles are clearly evident
  • Text and titles are clear and add style to the production
  • Typography has been attempted, but shows limited skill
  • Typography is very weak, or is non-existent
Rendering: :
  • Format - as per instructions
    • Widescreen
    • Resolution
    • Bitrate
    • Filesize
  • Delivery - as per instructions
    • Handins Folder
    • Youtube
    • Portfolio Embed
The file is generally competent, and a copy has been delivered as requested.
The file has been handed in, but there are minor flaws which could be repaired relatively easily
  • Incorrect Resolution
  • Excess trailer
The file has been handed in, but the output format is currently non-standard, or unusable.
What's GOOD
    • Background Depth of field
    • Multicam
    • Composition

What's CHEAP
    • Camera shake
    • Pop's and background noise
    • Self or subject deprication
    • Lack of focus and pacing