Attendance Rules

If you know you are going to miss an upcoming class - it is your responsibility to:
  • Inform the instructor in advance
  • Have a classmate take notes for you on the day you miss class
  • Catch up on the missed work on your own time
  • CHECK THE WIKI on the day you miss - get an idea of what the class did!

Here's the simple truth - You can't expect to catch up on old work DURING upcoming classes, while the rest of the class is working on whatever the CURRENT topic is - it just means you'll always be lagging behind the class, and missing instruction.

The best solution is for you to GET CAUGHT UP on your OWN time - complete missing work as homework, or ask the instructor if you can come in:
  • Before classes - say at 8:30am
  • At Lunch time
  • After school for a half hour.

Do your best to stay with the current class - use this website to track the units that you've missed.