Photoshop is professional DIGITAL IMAGE EDITING software
It is based on manipulating PIXELS like MS Paint, although it does have some vector based tools like FLASH

Note that we are using PHOTOSHOP ELEMENTS 8 in the school - The true professional version of PHOTOSHOP offers a wider variety of tools, but at a considerably heftier pricetag. Elements is capable of doing most of what the average multimedia student needs.

digital photo manipulation

Vocabulary - Listen carefully in class - by the end of the first week, you should know the definitions of the following terms:
  • Parts of the screen
    • Canvas
    • Pallettes
  • Image Characteristics
  • Tools
    • Foreground Colour
    • Background Colour
    • Selections
    • Gradients
  1. Image - Mode MUST be set to RGB Colour for most applications - check it BEFORE you start!

Learn This
  • Week1 - Happy Face - Halloween Face
    • Layers, Selection
  • Week2 - Exercises: Mr Potato Head - Put Yourself in the Movies - Supermodel - McNews - Depth of Field
    • Layer Modes - Changing Eye Colour - Changing Clothing Colour - Adding Shading and Highlight
    • Clone Stamp tool - vs Selection "Patches" - SuperModel touchups - Glitch removal
    • Text Tool and Style Layers - Personal Logo
    • Portfolio
      • New Banner exercise
      • Before & After Pages
      • Thumbnail Pages