MCNEWS - Format

As much as possible, design your work to fit these specifications:
  • JPG SIZE: 1024 x 702 pixels for graphics (squished from a 1365 x 768 to be anamorphic)
  • MPG SIZE: 720x480 for video - widescreen rendered at a 0.8250 aspect ratio
  • SWF SIZE: 1024 x 702 (or 512x351) for animation

Animation or Video
  • DURATION: 20 seconds precisely (600 frames)
  • FRAME RATE: 30 fps
  • FLASH ANIMATION requirements: An Actionscript STOP() in the last frame

File Formats
  • JPG, PNG or GIF for images
  • MPG for Videos
  • SWF for Flash Animations

Aesthetic Criteria
  • Visual Competence & Skill (Rules of Typography and Design (Consistent Margins and PARC)
  • Animation Competance & Skill (Ease-In/Out, Action, Reaction, Squash Stretch - Physics)
  • No obvious credits - a discrete initial is acceptable

Notes from the system
Image files supported by Internet Explorer. GIF or JPG is preferable. File extension(s): GIF, JPG, PNG, ART, XBM
2. Macromedia Flash Files. File extension(s): SWF
3. HTML/Text documents File extension(s): HTML,HTM,TXT
4. Video Files File extension(s): ASF,ASX,AVI,MPG,MPEG,M1V,MP2,MP3,MPA,MPE,MPV2,M3U,WAV,WAX,WMA,WMV,WM,WPL,WVX All files use a 4:3 aspect ratio, files not exactly matching the video area will be proportionally sized to the area. Codecs used must be available to standard windows installations. One possible test is to try to open the file in your own windows media player (assuming only standard media players installed) before sending . For more information see support site:;en-us;Q316992