MCNEWS - Content

It takes considerable time to produce a news segment from pre-production to final edit, so you MUST consider what kind of CONTENT is worth spending that time on:
Good stories are those that cover:
  • Events of lasting significance
  • Events that build school spirit
  • Events that reward contribution to the school or community
  • Events that are unique
Poor story choices are those that:
  • Have limited "shelf life" before they become insignificant (ie. the last football game)
  • Have limited appeal (ie. what John ate for breakfast this morning)
  • Reward or feature disrespect or negative or dangerous behavior (ie. vandalism or "jackass" stunts)
  • Are really non-events (I'm selling my hat)

  • Our class CLIENT LIST if it's up to date
  • The School Calendar
  • The Morning Announcements (look under "NEWS" on the school Website)
  • Common Sense PSA's - ("don't litter", "turn off your phone", "don't text and drive")
  • Generic "School Spirit" promotions ("Seasons Greeting", "Bulldog Pride", "Big things are happening at McCrae")

Once you've settled on a "story" - you need to decide what FACTS are most important to your client and target audience