Creating Anamorphic JPGs

Here are the basic steps to prepare an anamorphic graphic In Photoshop:
Design your graphic on a 1365 x 702 pixel canvas - save it as a PSD
  1. Use FILE | SAVE FOR WEB when you're ready to render the final JPG
  2. Use the NEW SIZE option on the right side - turn off "Constrain Proportions", and set the width to 1024 (x 702 width) - then hit APPLY
  3. Click OK to save the jpg

This will accurately "crush" the width of the graphic to yield the desired aspect ratio on our display screens

Here's what the process looks like in video

The Explaination
Standard images are distorted when displayed on a widescreen television

This is bad.

If we prepare "Anamorphic" images, they will be stretched and appear in the proper aspect ratio when shown on the widescreen displays in the school.

This is a GOOD thing!