McNews Video Promotion

Your task is to create an effective VIDEO promotion for use on McNews system

Using Photos

Exemplar produced by Sam Foster

  • Composition of Shots
  • Clarity and style of Typography
  • Effective Transitions

How to render your MCCNEWS VIDEO In Prem Elements12
While in Premiere, do the following:
  1. Choose PUBLISH & SHARE
  3. Choose AVCHD
  4. Choose MP4 - NTSC DV Widescreen from the list
  5. Choose the appropriate DESTINATION FOLDER and FILENAME and click the SAVE button to begin rendering

Using Simple Video

Exemplar by Theodora Li
  • Composition of Shots
  • Fluid camera movement
  • Clarity and style of Typography
  • Effective Transitions

Using Video (with Audio)

(Not McNews - Merivale Tech Crew)

  • Shots & Composition
  • Motion Graphics

  • You can use only ORIGINAL photography and typography
  • The piece MUST be EXACTLY 25 seconds long - 15 seconds of animation - 10 seconds of static message (at the end)
  • The piece should attempt to be in ANAMORPHIC WIDESCREEN
  • The piece should be silent

  • Find a NEED
  • RESEARCH what makes a McNews graphic effective - look up the following terms and consider
    • Clarity
    • Typography
    • Aesthetics
  • Design the Typography of the final 10 seconds first (Imagine it is a stand alone photoshop composition)
  • Animate the 15 second "teaser" to help compose that final design next

  • Photography(BLT & F)
    • Skillful use of Background, Lighting, Tripod and Framing
  • Typography(PARC)
    • Text elements display evidence of the design principles (PARC) and enhance the message and content
  • Premiere Editing- APPROPRIATE skills with Premiere Editing, ie:
    • Use of Fade In / Out and Transitions
    • Use of the Ken Burns effect (Keyframing motion)
    • Formatting (MPEG1) 720x480 data rate limit 2.5 MB/s
  • Overall Effectiveness
    • Creativity, concept, timing and visual appeal all contribute to the overall effectiveness of the piece.