There are only 12 basic shapes needed to express most phonemes (letter sounds) in the English language.
By pre-fabricating these shapes, you can fairly call them into your animation to synch them with any dialogue you've recorded.

  1. Create a script for your dialogue - don't try to "wing it"
  2. Record your Audio first. (Stay tuned - the instructions on how to record have changed to use the USB mics & headsets)
    Keep it short and simple if you're never done this before.
  3. CHEATS:
    1. You don't have to show ALL of you talking character from the front. (Strong Bad of opens many of his emails with his BACK to the viewer. Instead of animating the recitation of an email, he just bobs his head in time)

HINTS from Richard Williams "The Animator's Survival Guide"
  • Top teeth are FIXED, Lower teeth and jaw can move
  • The tongue moves too fast to tween - it needs only two positions and only a frame to get there
  • Important consonants like M, B, P, F, V, T or TH need at least 2 frames


Record the audio and create ALL the necessary mouth shapes in your character project to effectively pronounce a short (5-10 second) phrase.
Create a NEW SCENE in your movie with a close up of your character saying that phrase.

  • Distinction and quality of phoneme shapes
  • Effectiveness, quality and believability of the final rendered animation