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Week of February 27th, 2017


  • Monday
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Week of February 20th, 2017

Week4: 7 Shots

  • Monday - Holiday
  • Tuesday
    • Lens, Mode, Info, Menu - "Let's Make Impressive Movies"
    • File Management Review Quiz:
      • Use _ to Share Source Files
      • Edit on the _
      • Backup on the
    • 7 Shots Assignment - last day for production
  • Wednesday
    • Gust Speaker - Laura Carnegie is in the Film & Video Graduate Program from Humber College in Toronto. Her specialty is Post-Production
    • 7 Shots Assignment - Using Premiere Elements - SETUP
  • Thursday
    • Complete the editing on your 7 Shots Assignment - Check Premiere Elements SETUP for scratch disks
  • Friday
    • RENDER your video as an H264 MP4 and submit to HANDINS for Show & Tell
    • MUSIC VIDEO CHALLENGE - Preproduction
      • Build a page on your portfolio
      • Find an exemplar on YouTube and embed it!
Week of February 13th, 2017

Week3: Editing

  • Monday
  • Tuesday - Mr May is away today - use this period to use this period to complete outstanding assignments:
    • Check the Assignment Audit - MANY students need to complete their portfolio, banner, splashpage photo, "About Me" video or Anecdotes - get it all fixed up THIS PERIOD!
    • Revise your "About Me" videos, adding the "Edited with the YouTube Editor" graphic
      - kudos to Laurel G for her tasteful "About Me" edit and use of credits! Should it have your full name though? And what did you do to that painting?
    • Finally - Go back to last Friday's instructions and be sure to complete the Channel Art and Permalink assignments - kudos to Laurel, Evan, Ryan, Amanda and Damon for linking their YouTube channels into their portfolios! Kudos to Laurel for developing her Channel banner
  • Wednesday
    • Portfolio / Video Audit
    • 7 Shots Assignment
  • Thursday
  • Friday - PD DAY - No Classes!
    • Next Week - Editing the 7 Shots exercise
Week of February 6th, 2017

Week2: Portfolios & Photography

  • Monday
    • Assignment Audit - Portfolios!
    • Gmail Check
    • BLT & F - Portfolio Photo
      • Take a selfie - or have someone do it for you! Can you use Google Drive or GMail to get it onto the front page of your Portfolio?
      • Use proper BLT & F and compose an EXEMPLARY cover shot!
        • Proper Resolution
        • Optimal Background, Lighting and Framing
  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday
    • "About Me" shooting time
    • YouTube Editing
  • Thursday
    • Using ONLY YouTube editor, mix your "About Me" video down
      • Trim the clips to size
      • Add background music, transitions, photoshop titles to the edit
      • PUBLISH to your YouTube channel when ready
  • Friday - Mr May is away today
    • Using only YouTube Editor, Complete your "About me" video, and present it (embed) on the frontpage of your portfolio - Show & Tell is first thing on Monday!
      (Hang in there Joel... you can do it!)
    • Done? Dress up your YouTube channel:
      • Create a link to your school YouTube channel in the "Permalinks" sidebar gadget of your portfolio
      • Develop your Channel Art for your YouTube channel; also set the upload defaults, the layout, and create a Channel Trailer. You might also want to make a Brand Watermark!
    • MONDAY VIDEO CHALLENGE - Can we cover the Staff vs Grad Hockey game on Monday? Get some video shots of the players - the closer the better - we might be able to pool our footage together in an upcoming project
    • Have a great weekend - see you on Monday!
Week of January 30th, 2017

Week 1: Welcome!

  • Monday - PD Day
  • Tuesday - Exams
  • Wednesday - First day of Semester 2
    • Reunions & Introductions
    • Passwords and Logons
      • Log into Chrome (SYNC with your school email)
      • Bookmark this webpage!
    • SETUP your computer

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