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Week of January 23rd, 2017

Week 19: Last Class

  • Thank you for a GREAT semester gang! I'm sick and staying at home today, but the supply teacher is able to keep the class open and last minute touch-ups to your portfolio summative work is still possible.
  • One final look at the video contests - take a look at the student winners for the 15 second horror contest at
  • Please check your student email through this week - in case I need to contact you regarding summatives.
  • GOOD LUCK ON EXAMS! Hope to see you next year in TGJ4M!
Week of January 16th, 2017

Week 18: Final Portfolio Prep

Week of January 9th, 2017

Week 17: Summative Production

  • Monday -
  • Welcome Back!
    • Calendar Check - Summatives are due in ONE WEEK
    • File Check - Is everything where you left it? Did you have a BACKUP plan?
    • Summative - Evaluation Criteria Review and Post-Production
  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday
  • Friday - Mr May is away today - Post-Production editing only (no access to equipment or sound studio)


Week of December 19th, 2016

Week 16: Summative Production

Week of December 12th, 2016

Week 15: Summative Production

Week of December 5th, 2016

Week 14: Summative Planning

Week of November 28th, 2016

Week 13: Greenscreen & Illusion

  • Monday
    • Time Left for Summatives - Watchnig the Calendar
    • Assignment Audit
    • Greenscreen & Illusion
      • Research last year's TGJ portfolios for Greenscreen exemplars - decide what effect YOU would like to complete in time for FRIDAY submission!
  • Tuesday
    • Plan and Produce your Greenscreen Assignment
    • Consider how you can add DEPTH CUES (foreground objects, shadows, Reflections)
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday
  • Friday
  • NEXT WEEK: Summatives!
Week of November 21st, 2016

Week 12: Journalism & Catch Up

  • Monday
  • Tuesday -
    • (Cell Phone) Video Journalism Show & Tell & Completion
      • 60 second limit - Edit Down the Soundbytes! Less is More - More focus!
      • Anecdotes: Story Ideas - what works? What doesn't? What would you do differently NEXT time?
    • Contests - 15 second horror
  • Wednesday
    • Show & Tell and Catchup
      • Journalism
      • 60 Second Lessons
      • Portfolios
  • Thursday
    • Camera Movement and techniques
    • Show & Tell and Catchup
      • Journalism
      • 60 Second Lessons
      • Portfolios
  • Friday
    • Skills Canada Competition - we're back in the race!
    • Complete and post your (Cell Phone) Video Journalism assignments and update your portfolios!
Week of
November 14th, 2016

Week 11: Journalism

Week of
November 7th, 2016

Week 10: RemDay Live Shoot Prep

  • Monday
  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday (Remembrance Day Setup)
    Your portfolios are about to be evaluated for your midterm marks. It's critical that you use this class time to review the assignment audit, complete and post any unfinished work!
    • Complete/Revise and submit your 60 second lessons
    • Portfolio Updates:
      • Check the assignment Audit - submit any outstanding files
      • Upload 15 second and 60 second assignments to your YouTube channel (unlisted)
      • Post all your work to your portfolio, and complete anecdotes
    • The Cellphone Journalism assignment will be deferred to next week :^)
  • Friday
    • No class - Remembrance Day ceremony
Week of
October 31st, 2016

Week 9: 60 Second Lesson

  • Monday
    • More exemplars
    • SOUND Studio setup - ready to test
    • Production Time for the 60 Second Lesson project
  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday
    • No remote for teleprompter?
    • Production time for the 60 Second Lesson project
    • Collect your B-Roll while waiting for whitescreen time!
  • Thursday
  • Friday
Week of
October 24th, 2016

Week 8: Teleprompter

  • Monday
  • Tuesday
    • Row3 Migration - backup your important files - computers are being replaced
    • Deconstruct yesterday's presentation - what was MOST effective?
    • CONTEST RESEARCH - Are there OTHER contests that look feasible? What's the most important criteria?
      • Create a CONTEST page on your portfolio to record and build on ideas for upcoming video contests
    • Next project: Teleprompter Tutorial Video
      • Test Shoot
      • Case Study - Design Process: 1. Need / Investigation 2. Planning / Script
  • Wednesday
    • Teleprompter Results - (what did we learn?)
    • Whitescreen format fine tuning
    • Exercise - try preparing (or copying and pasting) a short script in Google Docs
      • upload it to the PROMPTER shared folder using an APPROPRIATE NAME
      • Try loading it into the teleprompter and reading it using the controller. No need to actually video it
    • Begin Pre-Production on your 60 Second Lesson
  • Thursday
    • Row 3 - last day to back-up and migrate files to the new computers
    • Review the 60 Second Lesson demos and student exemplars on Cyberdog
      • Meaningful content - Find a client!
      • How long should this project take to produce? Complete your Pre-Production!
    • Video SHOW & Tell - Plan out useful B-Roll clips - consider Screencast-o-matic for computer screengrabs
    • Try posting your TXT script to the Teleprompter
  • Friday
Week of
October 17th, 2016

Week 7: 15Second Movie

  • Monday
    • Upcoming Contests: Skills Canada / Remembrance Day / 15 second Horror / Others?
    • Shooting with DSLRs Review: Best Use of a DSLR goes to...
    • 15Second Movie planning/Guidelines/Tips
  • Tuesday
    • 15Second Movie Production - REMEMBER your DSLR SETUP - Check the LENS - MODE - MENU
    • AUDIO - Can you avoid dialogue? If not, you need an audio recording solution!
    • BE EFFICIENT - this is a FAST shoot!
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday
    • 15Second Movie Post Production (editing)
      • Reminder - FRAMING! Use "Digital Framing" tastefully to compose. Make notes in your anecdotes of things you'd do differently next time!
  • Friday
  • NEXT WEEK - Submission to contest deadline is Monday!
Week of
October 10th, 2016

Week 6: Keyframing

  • Tuesday
    Due to family issues, Mr May will be away for much of this week. You will need to learn to take the time and methodically follow the daily instructions on this agenda. Read everything and follow the ALL the links carefully each day. If there's a problem with the instructions, you can email Mr May to clarify. Remember to be resourceful, and INVESTIGATE the web for further information.Be prepared to bring earbuds or borrow the blue headphones to watch any of the tutorial videos in the lessons and exercises.
    Here are your tasks today:
    • For most - Complete and your DSLR Shot project in today's period
      • Render and upload it to your YouTube channel UNLISTED
      • Embed it to your Portfolio and build meaningful anecdotes
    • For those who are DONE
      • Review Typography and make a Typographical Title using the exercise at the bottom of the page
      • (Proceed on to tomorrow's assignment only if you are done - but don't be in a rush)
  • Wednesday
    • Quick Notes
      • Check the assignment audit - and google classroom for a (quick) discussion (don't spend more than 5 minutes on it!
      • Remember to POST YOUR WORK to your portfolios to confirm that it is done!
      • Proceed on to today's lesson, even if "7 shots" isn't quite finished. reserve the LAST 15 minutes of the class to work on "7 Shots"
      Keyframes are tricky, but READ the linked material carefully, and WATCH the videos to learn how it's done!
      • Learn KEYFRAMING - Complete this Premiere KEYFRAMING Exercise. IF any steps aren't clear, SEARCH THE WEB or use F1 to find more demonstrations of the technique!
      • Done? Take on the LOST challenge at the bottom of the page. Done? Post ALL exercises to your portfolio!
  • Thursday
    • Some GREAT work is showing up on your portfolios! Check the assignment audit to see who's in the lead!
    • Complete and Update your portfolio with your keyframing exercises (including LOST) and 7shots. Be sure your portfolio is complete with anecdotes!
    • LOST challenge - can you keyframe EFFECTS like BLUR? The Lost starts out of focus, then moves IN to focus.
    • Done? PEER EVALUATION TIME: How would YOU evaluate the 7 shot assignments on the portfolios? Who had the best shots? Who had the best demonstration? Add a short analysis and links to YOUR 7 shots portfolio page that identifies exemplary work among your peers!
  • Friday
    • Thanks to those students that have their "7 shots / DSLR" assignment posted, we can start to see the techniques that make for some REALLY effective video!
      • The VARIETY of shots immediately makes a "story" more interesting
      • The control of camera FOCUS immediately makes visuals more eye catching
      • The deliberate choices of BACKGROUND, LIGHTING, TRIPOD and proper FRAMING makes the visuals look "cinematic"
    • Who's assignment's do YOU think deserve praise?
      • YOUR TASK - visit the portfolios of each student in the class, and determine who wins the award for:
        • BEST VISUALS (Quality of shot)
        • BEST TITLES (Use of TEXT to label the shots)
        • BEST SOUND - use and choice of music or recorded audio
        • BEST OVERALL PRESENTATION - the most "professional" or effective video with ACCURATE content presented in the most APPEALING and creative format!
      • Add a short analysis and links to YOUR 7 shots portfolio page that identifies exemplary work among your peers!
    • DONE? HOMEWORK? Can you make an award winning 15 second horror movie in under a week? INVESTIGATE and write down YOUR pre-production ideas on a new portfolio page. We'll compare notes, form production crews and begin group productions on MONDAY. Final videos will be due on FRIDAY! The contest deadline is the following MONDAY!
    • Have a good weekend!
Week of
October 3rd, 2016

Week 5: DSLRs

  • Monday
    • About Me Show & Tell
    • Refine and Resubmit your FINAL About Me video
    • Add the final product to your PORTFOLIO
  • Tuesday
    • You have this period to complete and post your About Me assignment with complete anecdotes
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday
    • Portfolios must be up to date for PROGRESS REPORTS by the end of the period
    • Edit and submit your DSLR 7 Shots project
  • Friday - PD Day - NO CLASSES!
Week of
September 26th, 2016

Week 4: Pre-Production

  • Monday
    • Copy this code:TWKBP-TN9DK and Set up your Schoology accounts!
    • Portfolio Reviews - note BLT@F
    • Post Production FRAMING (Digital Framing)
      • Research
      • Write your script
      • Plan your shoot!
  • Tuesday
    • Fix up your portfolio as per yesterday's reflections
    • Production Technique: The Cellphone Microphone - Synchronizing Audio with Video
    • Complete your ABOUT ME Pre-Production on your portfolio
    • Once a group has been formed, begin production!
  • Wednesday
    • PRODUCTION - Form groups of 3 and begin shooting your About Me assignment
      RULES: Be respectful if shooting in the field; be back in the class BEFORE the last 20minutes
  • Thursday
    • Schoology feedback
    • Production time!
  • Friday
    • (Complete Production?)
    • Begin Post Production -
    • Render and Submit a 1st DRAFT by the end of the class!
    • Show & Tell and REFINEMENT
Week of
September 19th, 2016

Week 3: Video Production

  • Monday
    • Assignment Audit - Splashpage photos / banners
    • Video Production: Using BLT@F
      • Take1 - Cameraphone
      • Take2 - DSLR/Light/Mic
    • Complete the Banner Exercise - finish dressing up your portfolio!
  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday
    • Uptodate Portfolios due EOC Friday
    • Video Post Production 2 - Refining the Project
      • Refining the Content - NEVER make anyone look bad!
      • Improving the Audio
        • ALWAYS adjust your Gain & Fades
        • Denoising the Audio - Using EFFECTS to Improve the production quality
      • Titling
  • Thursday
  • Friday
Week of
September 12th, 2016

Week 2: Content v Format

  • Monday
    • What is CommTech?
      • Who are OUR target audiences?
      • What are OUR messages?
      • What are OUR channels?
    • Content v Format
    • "Life Altering" Video Assignment - I'm going to try to change your behaviour: Go to our Google Classroom and watch today's video. Click the assignment title and complete the assignment by tomorrow's class.
  • Tuesday
    • Content v Format - the "Life Altering" video presentation:
      • Are YOU formatting your work effectively? USE Google Classroom's tools!
  • Wednesday
    • Are your Google Accounts working yet? Please say yes.
    • Last call for "Life Altering videos" - the High School edition
    • The Design Process - We need a WELCOME video on our school YouTube Channel
    • If we can - Googlesites & Portfolios
      • Create your new Portfolio for this course AND complete the 5 steps of Controlling your Pages
      • Photography intro - Get yourself a selfie and add it to your portfolio frontpage!
  • Thursday
  • Friday
    • Photography BLT and FRAMING
      • In groups of 2-3: Shoot and post a LANDSCAPE MCU portrait of a partner for their portfolio mainpage - share it with them!
      • Create a link on YOUR page crediting the photographer and linking to their portfolio
Week of
September 5th, 2016

Week 1: Welcome & Setup

  • Monday
  • Tuesday - Shortened First Day of the Semester - Introductions
    • CONGRATULATIONS! You found the Agenda!
    • You should now have your assigned
      • User Accounts
      • Computers
      • Computer (AD) Accounts
      • Google Accounts
    • What do you need to purchase for this course?
      • Earbuds
      • Card Reader
    • Please complete the following before the period ends!
      • BOOKMARK this page from your school account, and bookmark it at home as well
      • Complete this INTRODUCTORY SURVEY
      • Explore this wiki to see if you can find examples of sample projects
      • Be sure to properly SHUT DOWN your computer after you're done - See you tomorrow!

  • Wednesday - Setting up your home base!
    • This Class Website - did you use your Chrome Bookmark?
    • Review of Survey Results
    • Finish the SETUP on your computer
    • CLASS ACTIVITY - Review the Class Rules
    • STUDENT ACTIVITY - Bookmark a link to your Google Classroom
      • Copy and paste the appropriate code to join:
        • PD2: f6itab9
      • Complete the TWO assignments you'll find there (About Me, Personal Tech Survey)
    • By the end of the class, properly SHUT DOWN your computer after you're done!
  • Thursday
    • Assembly - 9:15 to 9:45 (wait for the announcement calling us down)
    • Assignment Audit - how are we doing?
    • Electronic Ettiquette - and the social experiment - GoogleDocs
    • The Rulebook for Collaboration
  • Friday -
    • Yesterday's Collaborative Exercise - What did we learn?
    • Research assignment - what is the OCDSB's AUP?
      • IMPORTANT Guidelines regarding Liability, Privacy, Safety
      • Privacy - have YOU been PWNED?
    • What is CommTech
  • Next Week

Week of September 6th, 2016
  • Monday
  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday
  • Friday