Google Documents is a "Cloud Computing" suite of applications made available by Google where the APPLICATIONS also reside on the internet. "The Cloud" refers to file storage on the internet, rather than on your own "local" computer system.

The applications available include
  • Word Processing
  • Spreadsheets
  • Presentations

  • Universal accessibility for YOU means convenience
  • Efficient and effective collaboration and web publishing
  • Google maintains and backs up it's servers - likely with greater ability than you or I could
  • Files CAN be "exported" back to your own local computer as Word, Excel or PPT files
  • Revertability - ultimate backup system
  • Consolidation and centralization of documents - no risk of multiple versions
  • Dependance on an Internet connection
  • Potential exposure to malicious users (hackers)
  • Potential lack of privacy
    • Sharing control & understanding
    • The Patriot Act

Chances are, many of you already use "Cloud Computing";
if you use Hotmail or GMail, your email is already being stored in the Cloud