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Using a virtual "Cookie Cutter"
1. Create a "Cookie Cutter"
  • View your saucer from the side, and turn on SNAP TO GRID b_snap_u.gif (top toolbar)

  • Use the straight "Spline" Tool b_line_u.gif(side toolbar) and draw a CLOSED object roughly the size & shape for a Saucer fin profile.
2. Select the spline and use BUILD - EXTRUDE
  • The command will bring up the following "dialogue"

  • X-AXIS is the direction you'd like to "push" your cookie cutter in (ie - towards the screen
  • LENGTH is the thickness of your "cookie" - you only want a "wafer thin" fin, so change it to 2
  • SEGS is how many "layers" your cookie will be sliced into. Set it to 1 to keep the polycount low. You don't need a "multilayered" cookie.. or fin
  • CAP the Start and End to create a top and bottom to your cookie - otherwise it'll just be walls

SOMETIMES your spline shape is too complex to create a start and end "cap" - in these cases you can SOMETIMES get the desired result by selecting "Don't Tesselate Caps"
3. Use QUAD VIEW to position your new fin.
  • Hit the period button "." on your numeric keypad to split the screen into four panels. This gives you a view from each major angle. You can toggle back by tapping the period key a second time.
  • Pay close attention to the FRONT view - you want the fin to be be split EXACTLY along the y-Axis!

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