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Anim8or Setup
The steps on this page need only be run once. If you have problems later on, you can always use this page as a reference and double check that the settings are still in place


  • Download Anim8or 0.98 using a RIGHT mouseclick and use "Save Link As" to put it on your D: Drive
    • Then Locate the downloaded ZIP file and RIGHT mouseclick it to EXTRACT ALL files
    • If the Anim8or.exe file doesn't open, you might have to RIGHT mouseclick it, open it''s properties
      • Look for the COMPATIBILITY tab and CHECK the "Run this program in compatibilty mode" for Windows XP
  • NOTE - Windows may warn you that this could be a "Dangerous file" and offer to discard it - click the little downward arrow and KEEP the file
    (OR download and UNZIP the latest version from (v0.97beta - 2MB)
  • The online manual is your best resource if you have any questions about the terms used in the tutorials. Consult it when you're ready to learn more than what this wiki has to offer.

Once you have the program running, check the various setup screens:

Setup Tips

Shown here are the best "default" settings for you to use this tutorial. Check your copy of Anim8or to see that the settings are turned on properly

Use the dropdown menu and locate

Toggle the settings as shown here
Use the dropdown menu and locate

Be sure "Tool Tips" is onAnim8or_Setup_tips.png. This will display the name of whatever tool you're hovering over in the bottom left corner of the window
Use the dropdown menu and locate

IF you are creating ANIMATIONS, limiting the playback framerate can help. Match the settings shown here.
CHOOSE the correct Anim8or Mode from the control panel

Your panel must match the settings you see here:

  1. OBJECT edit mode
  2. ALL AXES (X Y and Z) enabled
  3. SCREEN Coordinates is the default reference for rotation


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