INTRO STEPS: | setup | start modelling | moving around | materials | lathing | extruding | ray guns |
RENDERING PICTURES: scenes | lighting | rendering | cameras |
tips | polycount | evaluation

Exercises: Blueprint | Flying Saucer Poster | Flying Saucer Movie | Spaceship | Pumpkin

Build and render your model from this tutorial to make it as believable as you can.
Hand In:
  • A rendered jpg at 800x600
  • The source AN8 file

ANIM8OR: Flying Saucer Model Evaluation

Level 4: Exemplary
Level 3: Competent
Level 2: Fair
Level 1: Poor
The model is designed exceptionally well with appropriate detail. The model includes skillful use of the lathe and extrude tools in Anim8or. Components were obviously designed to fit together perfectly.
The model demonstrates appropriate detail
The model lacks all the desired level of detail required. It appears that some tols were not used correctly
The model lacks key details, uses excessive polycounts, or has significant flaws which suggest lack of skill with the tools
The elements display mathematical perfection - achieving perfect symmetry within the 3D space. No objects appear distorted.
Elements have been created and placed with care to create symmetry, and no "warping"
Some elements appear warped, or offset within the 3D space
Most elements appear unintentionally distorted and assymetrical
Colours and Materials
Materials have been carefully crafted to yield an outstanding level of realism - colour, specular, ambient, emissive, rough and brilliance values are clearly understood and effectively utilized
Materials including "glass" have been appropriately used to enhance the model's appearance
Some use of materials is evident, but the models appear incomplete
Materials are not used effectively, or are not evident


Scene and Lighting
The scene displays outstanding composition, and exemplifies ways of using lighting effectively and realistically. Framing is extremely realistic
The scene features the model by using appropriate and effective background, lighting and camera work. Framing is effective
The scene makes some use of background, lighting and camera work, but appears flawed.
The scene fails to demonstrate the use of backgrounds, lighting and camera work to yield a competent image
Elements display sophisticated, controlled and extremely believable motion and timing. Camera work enhances the animation and emulates realistic camera techniques
Elements are moved with adequate control, timing and believablility.
Objects are in motion but believability is compromised by lack of control
Any animation lacks control or evidence of understanding