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RAY GUNS- Flying Saucers 101

Cylinders, Grids and Grouping


Create the Ray Gun as a NEW OBJECT in your Flying Saucer file
You can then copy and paste it as many times as you need later
1. Create a Barrel
  • Choose LEFT VIEW (Numpad 4)
  • Turn on SNAP TO GRID at the top of the screen
  • Create a Horizontal Cylinder ( a primitive) about 60 units long
    Important - make it PERFECTLY HORIZONTAL by making sure there are no "jaggy" lines as you draw it
  • Double click the cylinder and set it's START diameter to 5, and it's END diameter to 18
  • Reduce the number of Latitudinal Divisions to 1
  • Locate the barrel to 0,0,0 (the "Origin" of your screen)
  • Click OKAY
2. Create rounded ends
  • Change the view to FLAT SHADED (ctrl-F)
  • Create a sphere 18 units in diameter
  • Rotate it (using the right mouse button) exactly 90 degrees
  • Align it to the large end of your Cone
  • Do the same for the small end with a sphere 5 units in diameter
    (Can you place it precisely by double clicking it and setting it's XYZ coordinates?)
3. Create "Barrel Rings"
  • Create a perfectly Horizontal Cylinder about 30 units in length
  • Double click it and set its Diameter Start and End to 20, its Lat to 1, and it's length to 1
  • Move the ring into place at the front of the barrel (be sure that grid snap is on so it will "snap" into place)
  • Copy and Paste another ring, and MOVE it a few units down the barrel
    (Use CTRL-V to paste easily, and leave Anim8or in MOVE mode)
  • Repeat a few times until you get 6 or so rings
4. Customize, GROUP, Copy and Paste it
  • Extrude a "gun mount"
  • Add appropriate material colours - be sure to name them appropriately
  • Select ALL the objects and GROUP them together [Build - Group]
  • COPY the laser from it's object window, and PASTE it to the Saucer window
  • Try SCALING the raygun to size - notice any problems?
    • Primitives do NOT scale well - you may have to CONVERT TO MESH the components of the raygun before being able to scale it
  • Position the laser, and use COPY and PASTE to duplicate it if needed
    • Note - Mirroring won't work on the Ray Gun because it is not a SINGLE mesh. If you were to UNGROUP it, Convert it to Mesh, and then use the [Build - Join Solids] command, the object would become mirror-able

The build is COMPLETE! Now set up a SCENE for a Photoshoot!