INTRO STEPS: | setup | start modelling | moving around | materials | lathing | extruding | ray guns |
RENDERING PICTURES: scenes | lighting | rendering | cameras |
tips | polycount | evaluation

Exercises: Blueprint | Flying Saucer Poster | Flying Saucer Movie | Spaceship | Pumpkin

To show off the design of your saucer, you should create a "BLUEPRINT" style graphic showing four specific views:
You can choose Smooth shaded, Flat shaded or Wireframe view - what ever you think shows your work off better!

Here are the basic steps:
  1. MAXIMIZE your Anim8or window, and CHOOSE A QUAD VIEW with the specific views shown above. TOP - ORTHO - FRONT and LEFT in that precise order - Use the [F] key on your keyboard to ensure that all views fill the frame.
    - Be sure the MATERIALS panel isn't still on the screen
  2. Use the [PRINT-SCREEN] button on your keyboard to take a screengrab of your computer
  3. Open PHOTOSHOP ELEMENTS and use FILE - NEW - IMAGE FROM CLIPBOARD to create a new canvas
  4. Use the CROP tool to trim away the Anim8or tools and menus, leaving only the ship
  5. You can add TEXT to the bottom left corner to identify your name, project name and date
  6. Use FILE - SAVE FOR WEB and save a JPG of your blueprint, and INSERT it onto an appropriate portfolio page

Too easy? Can you create WIREFRAME views? CLOSEUP versions?