Anim8or 3D Modelling and Animation

ANIM8OR: EASY 3D Modelling and Animation for FREE

What can it do?HookedGrab.jpg
  • Sculpt original 3D objects and build virtual "sets"
  • Generate High Resolution JPGs of your work
  • Animate your models and generate AVI movies

This software has proven to be an EXCELLENT application in our Comm Tech program for several reasons:
  • It's a stand-alone program that requires no install, and can run off the server
  • It's remarkably small - weighing in at around 1.4 MB
  • It's remarkably versatile, allowing the creation of anything from simple 3D graphics, like our CyberDog logo, to sophisticated 3D AVI format videos that can be edited in Premiere.
  • It has a wealth of online user-created tutorials available online

Chronology of Exercises

  1. Flying Saucers 101 - Learn the basics of Anim8or's modelling, animation, lighting and camera functions by creating a 3D science fiction clip
  2. 3D Title
  3. Eggplant Tutorial- Intro to advanced MODELING and INTERFACE
    1. How Modifiers behave
      1. Draw the modifier from STATIC end to DYNAMIC end
      2. Be sure the modifier "Fences In" any points that you want to modify "ABOVE" the fenced area
  4. Saucer Attack - Introduction to Animation
  5. Bouncing Ball - Control over acceleration and Deceleration
  6. 20th Century Fox Logo - Use advanced modelling to duplicate the famous animated logo
  7. Pumpkin Carving - Use of the Shell tool, Image Textures and Bumpmapping
  8. Production Logos - Intro to basic Animation
  9. Premiere - Adding Sound to your Animation
  10. Modelling a Set - Create a "Virtual Set" inside Anim8or
  11. Robots 101 - Intro to FIGURES and SEQUENCES
  12. Aliens 101 - Subdividing, Morphing and Character Design
  13. Lip Synching
  14. CGI in Live Video
  15. Production Logos


  • Download the latest version from
  • The online manual is your 1st resource if you have any questions about the terms used in the tutorials
  • is a user-supported resource site that include a Wiki