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Flying Saucers 101

Controlling your Virtual Camera
Photo Tips:
  • Set up the BACKGROUND first, then adjust the CAMERA as if it were in a real studio. Finally, place the SUBJECT where it should be in front of the camera
  • FILL the FRAME - Move your model so that it's close to the camera and DOMINATES the camera's view. Your "FRAMING" should be featuring the details of your model.
  • KEEP the BACKGROUND SIMPLE - Your photo should feature your model - not the background image - don't let a busy background distract your actual subject.

When you select your CAMERA in SCENE mode, you'll see green lines superimposed in all views. This is a display of the current "Field of View" of your virtual camera, and it's IMPORTANT to know how to control it!

  • FOV is like a ZOOM LENS on a regular camera
  • Only objects within the FOV lines will be seen in the camera's rendered images
  • An object that gets too close to the camera and cuts across the near FOV line will appear "SLICED" by the camera - keep objects away from this line!
  • You can adjust the FOV settings on your camera to get in "tighter" to your objects. DOUBLE CLICK the camera to change the FOV settings


The default FOV angle is 60 degrees.

  • To ZOOM IN, tighten the angle - try 45 and watch the effects
  • To ZOOM OUT, increase the angle to a WIDESCREEN value - try 90 degrees

Adjusting FOV can often help you show more or less of your background, to give you more "play" in choosing the shot.

Adjusting the FOV may also exaggerate or reduce the apparent perspective of objects

  1. Configure a 360 degree panoramic background in your scenes SETTINGS - ENVIRONMENT
  2. Create a simple animation of the saucer flying toward and past the camera
  3. Add subtle PAN so the camera appears handheld
  4. Add appropriate ZOOM IN and ZOOM OUT as though the camera operator was trying to focus on the the saucer

  • Move the object around the camera
  • Move the camera around the object
    • Pan
    • Dolly

  • Field of View (FOV)

Locking camera orientation
  • Targets
  • Invisible Targets

Multiple Cameras