Anim8or - FoxLogo

Your next challenge is to create a customized version of the famous "Fox" logo, incorporating YOUR name into the design

To do this convincingly, you'll need a REFERENCE IMAGE to illustrate:
  • The SHAPES of objects you'll need to model
  • The RELATIVE LOCATIONS of objects in the scene
  • The LIGHTING that you want to try to emulate

You can download this Sky Background to use in your Environment setup

  • Start with the TEXT EXTRUDED elements - note the relative sizes
  • Add key "buildings" one at a time - each represents it's own challenge. The tools needed to create it will differ.

1. The Logo
  • Create the "20"
    • Start with the TEXT tool, and type simply the "20" part to begin
    • Scale the text so it's nice and big on the screen
    • Double Click to change the font to ARIAL BLACK
    • Use BUILD EXTRUDE to make the text 3D - 100 units deep would be good
  • Create the other text
    • The "th" can be made in a similar way
    • If you want to POINT EDIT the "th" - remember to UNGROUP it first
    • Type the CENTURY and your NAME instead of "Fox" - in this case I used "South"
  • Create the "shelves" under 20
    • Use the Primitive CUBE tool - Try dimensions of 100 x 2 x 100
    • Copy/Paste the shelf and move it down slightly, then alter it's dimensions to 95 x 2 x 95
    • Copy/Paste/Move that shelf down to appear below "Century". Another could appear below your name (or "South" in this case)
2. The Buildings
  • Start with the easiest first (the base)
  • Start with Primitive Cubes to get the relative proportions right, then convert them to MESH
  • Experiment in POINT EDIT mode to manipulate the faces:
    • Anim8or_Tool_Inset.pngInset Faces (I)
    • Anim8or_Tool_Extrude1.pngExtrude Faces (X)
    • Anim8or_Tool_ScaleFace.pngScale Face (K)
  • Continue on to the spotlight building and Spotlight table - it's up to YOU to figure out the most effective and efficient way to contruct these elements. Do your best to remain accurate to the objects in your reference image!
  • Create a NEW Object
  • Create a cube 5x1x5
    • This will be the top shelf of the table. Center it at 0,0,0 in your object window
    • We're going to "grow" the legs from this cube
  • Double click the cube and segment it into 5 divisions along the X and Z axis
  • Convert the primitive cube to MESH
  • View the underside of the table and select the 4 faces at each each corner
  • Use the EXTRUDE FACES tool to create the four leg sections simultaneously
  • Based on your work with the "Eggplant" exercise, you should be able to use the "ROTATE FACE", "EXTRUDE FACE", and "SCALE FACE" tools to develop your legs.
  • Work on only TWO legs at a time to maintain a kind of symmetry
  • The final piece should appear as close to the reference photo as possible. Remember you can go back into POINT EDIT mode and adjust relative lengths and sizes of the segments as needed.
  • These images should give you the clues you need to create the "pier" - it uses only techniques that you've used up until now.
  • Start by customizing an "n-gon" with 24 faces

Hand in the following (appropriately named please):
  • A rendered 1800x1200 pixel jpg of YOUR logo that matches the angles from images shown above
  • Your final AN8 file
Don't hand in the stock background - it will already be in the folder

  • Accurate and effective creation of component OBJECTS
  • Resemblance to the original logo on the right
  • Appropriate and reasonable polycount
  • Camerawork in SCENE to match the original
  • Lighting in SCENE to match the original