This next unit focuses on the technical methods of Character Design. Your challenge will to create a character that is:
  • EXPRESSIVE (Happy, Sad, Shocked, Angry)
  • SIMPLE & VIABLE within Anim8or (Don't try to create something outside of your abilities in the classroom)
  • ARTICULATE (able to talk, blink, look around and express emotions easily)

Of these characters, which would best satisfy those criteria?

external image CMSMA163.jpgToy_Story.jpgexternal image behind_left.jpg

This character is named "Blit" - He was created and animated by artist Victor Navone, and led to Victor being hired by Pixar.

Exercise 01 - Read about how Blit was designed

- "Function defines Form" - What design decisions were made for PRACTICAL reasons to keep the project manageable?

Other websites featuring 3Dcharacter design:


Toonafish Studios

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